Nowadays it seems as if the list of things that annoy me is getting longer.

A Facebook invitation to a virtual nail polish party.  An Instagram tag to purchase essential oils or Herbalife products. Or my personal favorite, the group text message inviting me over for girls night which is really a Mary Kay demonstration in disguise.

But that invitation to a paint night that normally involves a glass bottle or two of wine?

Sign me up!!

Here are four reasons why we love these events so much:

Relieves Stress

Aside from getting a little nervous when your tree branch is looking more like a neck and wondering if it can be saved, paint nights are so relaxing.

You are given the “goal piece”, all of the materials you need (water cup, paint brushes, canvas and easel, napkins) and step-by-step guidance.  Most of the venues have a good number of helpers to come around checking and offering tips, so you’re not just sitting there.  Stuck.

Of course the settings will vary, but for each one that I’ve attended I remember humming along to an invisible tune and really taking time to soak in the entire experience.  Whether my final piece turned out like a work of art or splattered specks, I always leave the place feeling pleased and content.

Better Than Just “Lunch”

Getting together with friends for lunch is fine, but being in a group setting where the creative juices are flowing is far more entertaining.  Not only are we catching up while painting, there’s normally a period for eating before the activities begin.  It’s a win-win situation.

Childhood Memories

The rations of paper towels, the water cup and smell of paint just takes you back to your elementary days.  I mean really- who didn’t enjoy some type of arts and crafts as a kid?  This is just another way of revisiting those days, maybe creating a little bit of magic because you can follow directions now and of course that nice little perk – some wine.

A Break from Life

Adulting can be tiring.  We’re either doing, planning or thinking and 99% of the time are stuck with our faces glued to something whether it’s a computer, smartphone or tablet.  We need and deserve a break from the every day, so these little gatherings are so welcoming.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, these paint and sip events aren’t just for a group of cackling ladies getting together but they’re good for couples (men included) and also great for business.

Be it the art studio or local bars and restaurants, paint and sip gatherings are great for stimulating the economy which is always a good thing.

Where do you find them? 

Groupon is always a surefire place to find venues offering these gatherings and one place I’ve tried that is absolutely adorable with friendly, talented and professional staff is A Toast 2 Artistry.

So if you’re thinking about something different besides the same old same old, why not try a paint night?

Here’s one of mine from a Painting & Vino event held at Don The Beachcomber in Huntington Beach, California:

The Inspirational Piece:

It started with a simple line, then a horizon
and ocean is born:

A few tweaks to my horizon, then added mountains:
Palm tree branches – a little challenging:
     Amateurs posing proudly:

And now here’s the inspirational piece and my work side by side:


Bet you can’t spot the difference.



(Featured Image photo credit:  Ingleside Vineyards)


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