Strange Home Cures

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If I have a couple of callouses on my feet, I’m going for the package of Dr. Scholl’s and if my breath is smelling a little tart, it’s time to gargle with a few caps of Listerine.  Never would I imagined that licorice would be a good remedy for the feet and yogurt for the breath.

It’s so fascinating coming across articles such as “19 Bizarre Home Cures That Work” because they allow you to really think outside the box.

While I’m fortunate enough not to have either of the two problems above, I was still able to find some really useful home remedies for a few things I do have to worry about – achy feet.

To think that something as simple as a tennis ball could give me the kind of immediate relief I would normally run to a reflexologist for?  Nothing short of amazing and yes – it WORKS.

Hopefully someone else finds these tricks as useful as I have.




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