Whether you’re traveling locally or abroad, it’s always helpful to do what you can to give friends and family a little piece of mind. Take a look at this helpful Emergency Contact Sheet which provides everything from basic destination information to the people traveling in your party, and there’s also a section I added to… Read More TRAVEL TIPS


Workplace Etiquette

Sometimes I really dislike the people I work with and feel sorry for their wives, husbands or significant others. Every morning someone (who’s here before 7am) finds it painstakingly difficult to discard their trash. So I took it upon myself to find out how much of my life was interrupted by taking that last step… Read More Workplace Etiquette


Snapchat Trouble

Who’s at fault – the irresponsible driver or the creator of the Snapchat app that seems to “reward” the driver who increases their vehicle speed? Maybe I just old-fashioned or just plain old, but I think this whole social media craze is out of hand.  There’s just too much of it encouraging people do more… Read More Snapchat Trouble


Athletes and Sudden Wealth

I stumbled on an article in Kiplinger’s about how athlete’s should be handling wealth management. We’ve all heard the stories about the Iverson’s of the world claiming to be broke after amassing millions of dollars.  My theory has always been that some kind of financial planning is needed BEFORE a draft and immediately after. So… Read More Athletes and Sudden Wealth

Charisma Speaks!

The Age of Entitlement

Someone shared this on Facebook and I think my jaw was open the entire time I watched it as I yelled out “Yes, yes, tell it girl, yesssssss.” The age of entitlement is something this lost (younger) generation is suffering from and until this group of young people realize they don’t deserve everything just because,… Read More The Age of Entitlement