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Amazon Sellers Be Like…Got Her!

A beach front vacation is right around the corner and since I failed to work off my winter blubber, my dreams of getting into a bikini aren’t happening.  So instead of being the butt of someone’s “no she didn’t wear THAT” screenshot joke, I figured a few stylish one-piece suits were the way to go.

Need something in a hurry, at a great price and with free shipping?

Amazon, here I come!

Here’s my vision of what an all white bathing suit could do for me:

But if you scroll back up to that first line about my body not being set up that way, I had to settle or something a little more my speed so when I stumbled across this description I was sold:

Brazilian High waisted bikini sexy triangle push up one piece swimsuit” and here’s the photo and product link :





Okay, since we know I’m not shaped like Becky with the good hair it was certainly expected that a larger size suit was going to look a little different.  Just like any other person waiting for their Amazon package, I couldn’t wait to tear that packaging apart and to my surprise this is what I saw:


The first thing that came to my mind was this had to be a joke and in true denial, turned over the envelope to make sure it had my name on it.  Yep, it was mine.

Clearly, this Amazon seller must have lost his damn mind sending me a “new” bathing suit that looked like it was made from a combination of tissue paper and styrofoam then dragged on the street and worse – it was more like a 2x and not that nasty looking “L” on the tag.

How about we take another look at the version advertised online next to the ACTUAL bathing suit:        You can only imagine the scathing message I sent to this particular seller, along with my request for an immediate refund and while Amazon isn’t responsible for dishonest suppliers, I’m hoping they took my concerns seriously and took action to remove them.

Fortunately, most of my experiences shopping online have turned out pretty well but in this case it really was a case of if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Fingers crossed for the next order.







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