Let this serve as a warning that this isn’t going to be your typical lifestyle blog, because I enjoy talking about everything – even things that aren’t so… comfortable.

When I first started The Real Charisma, it was meant to serve a very specific purpose- get me hired!

It was meant to be a forum to showcase all of my wonderful skills as a communicator, to make the reader on the other end ooh and ah at my sub-par writing skills. 

In short, this blog should have been that piece of media that would catapult me into being a highly successful person who had offers coming from all over the place and I would retire filthy rich by the age of 40.

That just hasn’t happened (yet).

So instead, you’ll see my writing about all things Charisma – snarky, creative, fun, strange, and everything in between.

My posts will share public speaking tips, single parenting (resources, successes and woes, finances, traveling, my obsession with hair/wigs, relationships and more.  I’ll share product reviews, hookups and things happening around the Long Beach area and nearly everywhere else.

They say the best way of dealing with life is by getting comfortable with things that make you uncomfortable.

So… I hope you enjoy my blog and feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments!





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