Welcome to The Real Charisma!

Let this serve as a warning that this isn’t going to be your typical blog.

When I first started Charisma Speaks, it was meant to serve a very specific purpose- get me hired!

It was meant to be a forum to showcase all of my wonderful skills as a communicator, to make the reader on the other end ooh and ah at my sub-par writing skills.  In short, this blog should have been that piece of media that would catapult me into being a highly successful woman in corporate America.

This is what all of the career and personal development blogs said people should be doing, but then I decided I didn’t care about any of that.

Instead, this was going to be a narrative about all things Charisma – snarky, creative, fun, strange and everything in between.

I write about my travels, parenting woes (and successes), hair care and more.

Oh, and before you go how about a few tidbits about me?

Favorite things to do:  Watch people, sing off key and feed into my Pinterest addiction.

Things that are currently confusing to me:  Too many to list.

My current inspirations: Renewed goals to be mentally, physically and financially sound   Like forever!

Education: Even if we left out the college degrees, I think I’m a pretty sharp cookie.  Want the details on all of that along with my career history?  This isn’t the place – head on over to LinkedIn.

Charisma in 5 years:  I’ll let you know in 5 years.

That’s all for now, so again – welcome and happy reading!

Charisma ~

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