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A Little About Me

Blogging is one of those things that can have you all over the place.  Struggling between doing what the hell you want to do (write what I want, when I want and how I want) and doing what you think may be of interest to those who may stumble on your page and start reading.  Today is one of those days and since I never did one of those traditional “about me” posts, I figured there’s no time like the present so I’m sharing 25 things you may not know about me (even if you don’t want to know) and here we go:

  1. I can make my ears move with no hands.
  2. My nickname as a child was “Bae”. (now one of the words I hate the most)
  3. The first time I walk home from school alone, I ran into a brick wall trying to escape a dog.
  4. I’m terribly ticklish. (especially around my neck; I would die from giggling before being strangled)
  5. My biggest pet peeve is shaking hands with the person who doesn’t want to touch. (are you a fish?)
  6. I am an ESTJ (to know this is to understand me!)
  7. The biggest misconception about me is that I’m a shopaholic who spends a lot of money on clothes, shoes and jewelry. (I hate shopping and ball on a budget)
  8. I’ve been fired.   (thanks James, you cheating on your wife cost me my job)
  9. I made a guitar out of a shoebox and rubber bands as a child. (you read that right)
  10. I’ve been ticketed for indecent exposure.
  11. My hands are really small. (an ex-boyfriend said they’re really cute, like little paws)
  12. Tattoos are beautiful forms of artwork and if I could, would have sleeves on both arms.
  13. I would never skydive. (jumping out of a perfectly operating plane is ridiculous)
  14. I would love to travel from the east coast to the west coast in a RV.
  15. That scene of “The Breakfast Club” with Ally Sheedy making snow from her dandruff was the best!
  16. I hate when only one window is open in the car. (that vibration and noise drives me crazy)
  17. My favorite song is Adore.
  18. Men continue to ask if “Charisma” is a stage name.
  19. Driving over bridges is terrifying to me.
  20. I was (and still am) awful at math.
  21. Two words I struggle with spelling are extraordinaire and extraordinary. (it’s that silent “a”)
  22. I hate roses.
  23. I’ve always wanted to be a figure skater. (channeling my inner Debi Thomas)
  24. The library was my favorite place as a pre-teen. (too young to check out the books by Jackie Collins)
  25. I got caught shoplifting a pair of purple glitter legwarmers from Newberry’s.

 Do you feel like you know me better?



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